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Horizontal/vertical bench welding lathes/turntables are selected when axial pressure is required to position and tool the assembly for welding.

Precision Welding TurntablePrecision Welding Turntable

System Features:      

●  Headstock with precision bearing.  Stainless steel spindle has spring loaded
    copper grounding shoes to transfer welding current.  2 x 8 thread on
    spindle (with pilot) allows work holding devices to be interchanged.
    Rotational speed computer controlled through the AWS-200 system or
    manually set on standalone systems

Precision Welding Turntable

●  Square steel tube backbone in innovative
    orientation provides stiffness
    and open work area. 

●  Adjustable speed motorised saddle carries pneumatically
    actuated torch
    tower (advance/retract) with over centre adjustment.  Torch tower also
    includes vertical manual slide and graduated protractor for torch angle

●  Supports up to 15 diameter part. 

●  Distance between headstock and tailstock in various lengths, measured
    from the face of the chuck back-plate to the tip of the live centre in the
    retracted position.

●  Includes 3-jaw chuck, pneumatic hose and coupling, power cord,
    interconnect cables and ground cable.

●  NEW: OPTION Swinging toolstock

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