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Sub Sea High Pressure Coupler – Application News

arc_6100With the ever increasing demand for exceptional weld quality within the Sub Sea Industry , Weldlogic Europe Ltd were engaged to develop a set of qualified weld procedures to ASME1X REF/A3, EN15609 standards.

The materials being used, in various combinations were Nitronic 50, Stainless 316, Inconel 625 and Super Duplex.

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High Pressure Steam Trap Valves – Application News

arc_6100_horzWeldlogic Europe Ltd have just completed a consultancy and development study for the welding of high pressure steam trap valves.

The company was engaged to develop and qualify a number of critical welds.

The development and qualification study was carried out on a Weldlogic AWS  6100 automatic welding station (see brochure) with Radiograph , and Macro sections being used to establish initial weld criteria and final welding parameters.

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Automatic Welding Machine in Romania

Automatic welding machine installed in RomaniaWeldlogic Europe Ltd have just installed their first fully automatic welding machine into Romania  for the welding of critical components.

The machine now in full production , comprises of AWS 200 computer controlled power supply , custom vertical lathe with air operated collet chuck for precise clamping and quick removal of component  , arc distance control for precise setting and monitoring of the electrode gap and vision system for precise setting of the electrode over the joint line.

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