ASME Tank Forming and Welding Line
for Inner and Outer Jacketed Vessels

2-20mm (.080”-.800”) Thick 304, 316 S.S. tanks 2,500mm (100”) Wide
Tank Diameters from 500mm to 2,000mm (19”-80”)

Vacuum plate lift & transfer, power material in feed, C.N.C. 4-Roll heavy duty hydraulic encoder position based roll forming with overhead tank support, tank ejector with Transfer to Seam Welder.

Weldlogic engineers design and manufacture complete lines to enable its customer to use a minimum of labor to move materials, form materials, weld materials, to meet the highest quality standards.

Contact Weldlogic to discuss our full line of forming and welding machinery, our engineers have designed machines that solve some of the toughest forming and welding requirements.


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