AWS-150 / 6100 CNC Saddle Welding System

This AWS-300 / 6100 C.N.C. Welding System was manufactured to provide a Circumferential Welding System to easily and precisely produce complex 2 axis Saddle welds on High Purity Valve Assemblies. The valves required complex motion profiles to welds both the I.D. and O.D. saddle weld joints with wire feed.

Precision tooling was designed and manufactured to precisely position the valves and included specializes gas delivery to insure weld integrity. The system would enable both simple circumferential welds and complex welds all within the system.

• AWS-300 Advanced Weld System
• Arc Distance Control
• Cold Wire Feeder
• 2 Axis C.N.C. with Servo Motors / Encoders
• Custom Tooling and Gas Purge
• Trailing Gas Shields
• Custom Designed I.D. Weld Torch

304 / 316 S.S. Pressure Vessels

Semi – Conductor, Food, Biotech & Sanitary

Sanitary welds, wetted surfaces I.D. / O.D.
Low distortion, Low skill operator-free operation


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