AWS-150/300-6100 System With Dual Spindle Drive

This AWS-150/300-6100 system required a mechanical engineered solution to enable the lathe spindle to pass thru a 3/8” diameter titanium tube and weld it to a end cap assembly.

The end cap required an expanding I.D. mandrel to round the tube for proper it up.

Features include:
• 4” large bore spindle and 12” precision 3 Jaw chuck
• Dual spindle drive system
• Air actuated 5-C expanding tail stock mandrel
• Motorized horizontal torch positioning (joy stick)
• Trailing gas shield + I.D. purge
• Wire feeder required on some assemblies

Circumferential Tig welding of titanium Tubular assemblies ranging from 1/2” – 3/8” diameter Lengths to 36”

Proprietary assembly

X-ray clear full penetration welds on Titanium tubular assemblies


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