AWS-200 Vertical Welding Positioner,
Micro-Tig Welding Station with Arc Camera & Monitor

This AWS-200 “Micro-Tig” welding system was designed by Weldlogic engineers to produce a low current I.D. weld on a high reliability flange to tube assembly. The I.D. weld was located in a recessed area that made it impossible to align the welding electrode reliably over the weld joint. Special tooling was developed to accomidate the full range of diameters and part lengths.

* AWS-200 Advanced Welding System
* Arc Distance Control
* PWL-15 Vertical positioner
* Color camera & Monitor
* Work Station Table

INDUSTRIES: Petrochemical-Chemical-Nuclear

A color camera and monitor were provided to enable the operator to easily align the electrode over the weld joint.



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