AWS-300 Three Axis C.N.C.
Laser Seam Tracking Advanced Welding System

This system was designed and manufactured for a company producing high reliability flight hardware.

Design a Computer Controlled Automatic Welding Station that would reposition the torch, laser track the weld seam and produce x-ray perfect welds with no operator present during the Multi-Pass Tig Weld process. The system memory stores all the process parameters to enable rapid part change over.
• 300 Ampere Computer Controlled P.S.
• 3 Axis C.N.C. Controlled
• Laser Seam Tracker
• Cold Wire Feeder
• Arc Distance Control
• Dual Stage Quick Purge
• Network Interface

Short Run – High Volume Pressure Vessels for Fire Extinguishers and Hydraulic Accumulators

Aircraft / Aerospace

Operator less system operation to produce highly consistent x-ray clear full penetration Tig welds.