• Vertical & Horizontal operation
  • Square steel tube frame
  • Lengths from 15” to 72” (work area)
  • Welds diameters to 15”
  • Precision headstock bearing
  • Stainless steel spindle with 1.5” thru bore

  • Light curtain/hands out of work area
  • Arc shield/flip up lense with micro switch safety feature
  • Arc shield/4 sided rigid with blackout non-reflective barrier
  • Live Center Gas Purge/Replaceable tips
  • Digital Read Out/position indicator

PWL Custom Built Weld System with Safety Enclosure

PWL Weld Lathes provide the most versatile, precision and rugged welding platform in the industry… only from Weldlogic Inc.

The innovative steel tube back bone construction provides a rigid open work area for part loading and automatic upgrades. Our torch tower is the most versatile available with features like air positioning (in/out) a motorized carriage along the bed plus adjustable slide and rotary positioner allowing torch entry from any angle. The air controlled tailstock provides clamping forces up to 170 pounds for holding part during welding and can be locked into position anywhere along the lathe bed.



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