PWL Vertical Welding System

16CD5311This PWL Vertical Welding System was configured to provide a verticle production welding work cell.
The verticle station conserves valuable factory floor space and was an ideal position for easy part load / unload automation.

A U.V. Arc shield provides factory floor protection and auto sequencing was accomplished thru the AWS-150 remote I/0.
• 30” x 30” adjustable height work station
• Custom Designed Tooling (part alignment)
• Automatic Sequencing of entire process
• U. V. Arc shield with safety sensor
• Horizontal and verticle operation
• Low skill level operator

304 /316 S.S. Sensor / Bellows Seal Welds

Commercial Power Industry

Low Distortion / Hermetic Seal welds at a rate of 60 + welds per hour.