Twin Torch High Production PWL-15 Welding System

High Production Solenoid welding

Design a system to enable a low skilled opperator to produce 4 completely welded parts per minute.

Weldlogic selected its AWS-150 Computer Controlled Power Supply x 2 and integrated them into a work station with the PWL-15 positioner and air actuated 5-C collet closer for rapid tooling changes. This enabled the system to quickly change set ups to accomidate the variety of parts.

Equipment selected:

• AWS-150 Advanced Welding System 1.0-150 ampere power supply (x 2)
• Arc Distance Control PWL-15 Positioner
• Precision Motor Drive with Encoder Feedback
• 2 TIG Torches
• 1 5-C collet Closer
• Work Station Table
• Auto Sequencing Software
• Arc sheilding


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