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Ultimate Welding Gas Shields – Auxiliary/Trailing Shields

Weldlogic Europe offers a product line of sophisticated gas auxiliary/trailing shields, or trailing cups, that dramatically improve the performance of a standard GTAW/PAW torch. The devices incorporate patented technology for modifying the inert gas pressure and flow from a single source, entering the standard torch, into efficient multiple shielding paths.

The gas shields can be used in aerospace, semiconductor, vacuum processing, medical, nuclear, food/beverage processing, oil exploration, and other industries where absolute inert gas coverage is required. Our gas shielding devices are an excellent choice for welding all alloys such as iron, nickel, cobalt, and titanium base alloys.


  • Minimal oxidation/contamination of the weld or base metal
  • Reduces weld defects (oxide inclusions, porosity, micro-cracking)
  • Less distortion since high heat is not required to melt through oxide inclusions
  • Higher welding speeds can be utilised
  • Automated equipment arc voltage controls are more stable
  • Welding parameters can be standardised or optimised
  • Less rework due to more even weld deposition
  • Less post-weld machining or hand grinding
  • Eliminates post-weld wire brushing or pickling to remove oxidation in many cases
  • Less material scrap
  • Reduced inert gas consumption
  • Longer electrode extensions are attainable
  • Easy to install
  • Built sturdy and reliably – will last for years


The Ultimate Shield® gas auxiliary/trailing shields are state-of-the-art gas shielding systems designed to interface with industry common machine or manual gas tungsten arc welding torches. The shielding systems are supplied with only one source of argon, that coming into the welding torch. No secondary tube is utilised to supply inert gas to the shields. The success of the devices is attributed to the optimum distribution of gas and the correct gas velocity ratios between the multiple gas paths as a result of our gas metering technology.


  • Only one source of gas required
  • Electrode extensions as long as 38mm (1.5 inches) are practicable
  • No need for a protective chamber when welding titanium
  • Several distinct gas paths built into one unit
  • Secondary system(s) acts as a barrier to the critical primary system, due to gas flow shear turbulence principles, protecting the weld better
  • Sleek, extra-long, and curved units available as options

Shields offered


Ultimate Shield® Gas Trailing Shield (WLE5500ABC)

Provides an effective secondary gas curtain around the primary gas, which is directly over the molten pool. This secondary system prevents air from disturbing the primary gas. The trailing system supplies inert gas over the heat affected area as the hot metal traverses out of the primary and secondary systems without any interruption of gas coverage between the systems.


Ultimate Shield® Gas Auxiliary Shields (WLE5502ABC & WLE5530A)

The auxiliary shields provide several effective secondary gas curtains around the primary gas, which is directly over the molten pool. Our larger auxiliary shield (WLE5502ABC) has three secondary systems (inner, central & outer) providing maximum shielding protection to the weld and a large effective coverage area. The smaller unit (WLE5530A) has two secondary systems (inner & outer) but is smaller and lighter in weight than the larger unit.


Micro-Plasma Gas Auxiliary Shields

Weldlogic Europe’s micro-plasma welding torch gas auxiliary shields are designed to interface with industry common manual or machine M-PAW torches. The design is similar to their GTAW cousins. Precise machining allows them to fit over and seal to the M-PAW torch copper nozzle.