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Custom Welding Systems

Weldlogic are experts in taking a customer product through to a fully working production system. This is done utilising standard Weldlogic building blocks where possible and then integrating them together with custom made fixturing/tooling. This turnkey approach from concept through weld development and on in to production solves many production issues. Some examples are below:-

3 Axis Plasm Arc/Keyhole Advanced Welding System
Custom Designed Two Production TIG Welding System
Custom Designed Production TIG Welding System with Dual System
Dual Spindle Rotary/Linear TIG Welding Station

PWL 15-36" Dual Spindle Precision Lathe
Micro-TIG I.D. Bellows Welding System
AWS-300 3 Axis C.N.C Laser Seam Tracking Advanced Welding System
UWP-24 Universal Welding Positioner

AWS-150/6100 System Vertical Welding Station
AWS-300/6100 System with Automatic Laser Seam Tracking
AWS-150 / High Purity Glove Box Seal Welding System
Heavy Duty Positioners

AWS-400 Ampere Computer Controlled Full Function Welding Lathe
AWS-200 Custom Vertical Welding System with Automatic Laser Seam Tracking
AWS-400 Dual Spindle Driven C.N.C. / Specialized Tig Weld System

ID Bellows Welding System by Weldlogic, Inc.

AUWP-24 Universal Welding Positioner Dual Process TIG/Plasma Powder Feed for Hard Facing
AWS-200 Orbital Welding System
Dual Torch Automatic Welding Lathe
Weldlogic Glove Box Welding System

AWS-6100 System with Pulsed Yag Lasers
pwl-multi-axis-welding-lathe_med AWS-400 Fuel Rod Welder nasa_med
 Specialized Welding Station AWS-400 Fuel Rod Welder Combination PLS-48 Seam Welder and PWL-15-60 Lathe Welder Time Share the AWS-400 Advanced Welding System

xy servo controlled welding station Multi-position welding chuck
 Multi-position Welding Chuck