3 Axis Plasma Arc/Keyhole Advanced Welding System

This system was assembled using standard Weldlogic products to provide an automatic Plasma, keyhole/Plasma Arc welding system.
Screen shot 2013-10-08 at 4.32.16 PM

• 400 Ampere computer controlled power supply
• Plasma ARC console and cooler
• Three axis C.N.C. motion controller
• Mass flow control (keyhole gas sloping)
• Cold wire feeder
• Two camera split vision system for seam tracking
• Syncronised, current, position, gas flow, wire feed, voltage and velocity


Plasma keyhole welding .500″+ (13.0mm) 64 titanium in a single pass butt weld joint

Plasma ARC welding .500″ (13.0mm) open root with filler wire

Aircraft engine components

X-ray weld


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