AWS-200 Custom Vertical Welding System with Automatic Laser Seam Tracking

The AWS-200 Tig welding system was custom designed and manufactured by Weldlogic engineering to enable a sheet metal extension tube to be welded unto a sheet metal Semi-Truck air filter assembly.

This unique machine enables a lap seam fusion welding of polished 304 SS automatically by expanding an internal mandrel to position the filter assembly and rotate it around a fixed center.

The Tig torch with laser seam tracker keeps the Tig torch exactly in the sweet spot enabling the part to be consistently welded at a rate of about 50 Parts Per Hour.

Without the specialized tooling designed, Laser seam tracker and AWS-200 programmable current and arc distance control this application could never have been feasible.

Weldlogic System Components:
• AWS-200 Advanced Welding System
• Arc Voltage Control
• Custom Built Work Station
• PLC Controlled System Sequencing
• Remote Pedestal console
• Light Curtain / U.V. Arc Shield
• Custom Vertical Part Cradle

Semi-Truck filter body extension tubes

304 SS bright Annealed

Leak tight, cosmetically clean
No part scratching


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