Custom Designed Two Production TIG Welding System

Live ordinance hermetic sealing

Design & Fabricate a welding lathe for remote welding of explosive devices. At 100 foot distance & compress the assembly with up to 2000 lbs of force.

Weldlogic AWS-300/6100 System with wire feeder, ARC Distance Control, Travel Servo High Compression tail stock & 3 axis of remote joy stick control for remote part/ torch positioning.

Equipment Selected:

• 1-300 ampere 100% duty cycle TIG power supply
• Cold wire feeder
• 3-Axis of remote motorized torch positioning
• Precision welding lathe to accommodate a 15″x36″ assembly
• Arc distance control 3″ stroke
• Computer Controlled with program storage
• 2000 lbs. axial force tailstock with load cell
• Digital read out on axial force
• Programmable weld/pressure limits
• Dual pendants for remote control
• Precision motor drive encoder feedback


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