Outstanding Features

  • Heavy Duty Hydraulic variable piston pump, reservoir, filter for 24/7 operation
  • PLC Sequence Control - Touch Panel
  • Automatic Part Cycle
  • Pneumatic Cradle Lift for Tank centering
  • Electrical Disconnect
  • Welded Steel Construction
  • Clamping Pressure Indicator
  • Precision Linear Bearings
  • Quick Change over

  • Additional Options
    • Automatic part ejection
    • Tank Conveyor

Heavy Duty Hydraulic Two Sided Automatic End Forming System


This specially designed machine was developed to serve the tank manufacturing industry. The system is designed to cradle, lift and center the tank assembly in various diameters and length based on the specific product line range.

A touch panel with memory is provided to enable selected values, timing & sequencing to accomplish consistent tubular end forming. Simple hard tooling is designed to square and form the required off set joggle or “bell” end desired. Engineered to provide 24/7 operation requiring very little maintance.


• Load tube to cradle support / initiate seq. start button
• Removes double end formed tube.

Automatic Sequence
• Cradles elevates tube to center line
• Forming heads both move inward to compress tube
• Cradle drops
• I.D. / O.D tooling rotate at surface forming speeds
• Swing Arms bring I.D. tooling down to meet O.D. Tooling
• 2 rotations accomplish progressive precision end formed tube
• Rotation stops, cradle elevates assembly and forming heads retract



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