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Inert Gas Chambers (welding Gloveboxes)

(Gas purge and gas re-circulated)

The ever-increasing demand of the Aerospace, Semiconductor, Medical, Scientific and Nuclear industry for high quality welded components has forced these industries to look again at their conventional welding techniques.

Within these industries, exotic materials that are prone to attack from Oxygen during welding such as in Titanium Welding; have forced these industries to look at welding these materials in a dedicated Glove Box Environment. (Inert Gas Atmosphere)

The benefits associated by using a Glove Box are cleaner welds, free from cracking due to atmospheric contamination and less downtime due to reworking of parts.

Weldlogic Europe Ltd now offers a range of standard and custom Glove Boxes for use within these industries. Glove Box shells and antechambers are manufactured in stainless steel for demanding duty requirements. These fall into two categories Purge and Re-circulated.

The Purge Glove Box will achieve a level of 10 parts per million Oxygen, whilst the Re-circulated Glove Box will achieve a level of one part per million Oxygen.
Welding under these conditions produces welded joints of the highest quality, free from defects and companies welding exotic materials should be using Glove Boxes as a standard piece of equipment. A separate transfer port enables parts to be transferred quickly and without contamination to the main chamber.


For PPM gas measurements see the OM10 Oxygen Analyser for Weld Gas.