Manual Welding Slides

Weldlogic supply a range of manual welding slides in a range of sizes. Further variants and customs solutions are available – please contact us to discuss your requirements.

welding slide/torch adjustor

50mm x 50mm welding torch adjustor (WLE6046)

Precision movement ideal for TIG welding, a handle’s turn corresponds to a 1.25mm shift. Loading capacity is 4 kg at 30mm from the slide. 1, 2, or 3 axis options. Maximum 50mm movement.

3 axis welding torch adjustor

3 axis welding torch adjustor

Precision manual slide ideal for TIG and MIG welding. Loading capacity 15kg at 100mm from the slide for the 1 and 2 axis versions, 10kg for 3 axis version. Standard lengths of 80 or 160mm; special models available on request.

Heavy Duty Manual welding slide

190mm x 190mm 2 axis heavy duty manual welding slide (WLE6058)

Manual welding slide capable of handling 70kg load at 40cm from the slide; ideal for use in submerged arc welding. Available in 1 or 2 axes. Standard run is 190mm, but customised versions are available on request.



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