Model HDH-72 72 Inch Heavy Duty Two-Roll C.N.C. Specialized Bending Machine

Rugged design and the latest technology enables low skilled operator to produce the highest quality rolled panels. Weldlogic engineers were challenged to roll a special shape on a perforated steel sheet with radiuses at either end and solid boarders along the sides. The best roll to produce this shape without distortion is the Weldlogic Urethane 2-roll forming system.

DSC_0005-4.09Weldlogic System Components:

• C.N.C. Controlled
• Digital Pressure control
• Highly repeatable results
• Heavy Duty design
• Virtually no flats
• 100% hydraulically controlled with encoders
• Quick change mandrels
• 24 hour operation capacity
• Auto Feed table & part ejector
• Easy Set Up

Forming perforated ceiling panels for school buses without deforming the panels due to perforated materials and solid panels

C.N.C. Urethane two-roll machine with material support tables and sheet ejector.
Bus ceiling panel with formed perforated panel with smooth fitted radius.