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Motorised Welding Slides

Weldlogic supply a range of motorised welding slides in a variety of stroke sizes; with custom versions being available on request. All models are made from aluminium. All the motors are DC with tacho or encoder for high precision low speed movement. Further variants and customs solutions are available – please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Motorised welding slide

80mm single axis motorised welding slide (WLE6059)

With a compact, rigid design this motorised slide can be mounted to provide a bi-axis system. Available in two standard lengths: 80mm and 180mm, loading capacity is 15kg at 100mm from the cursor.

2 axis motorised welding slide

400mm bi-axis motorised welding slide (WLE6062)

Suitable for submerged arc welding and supporting MIG welding heads with wire feeders. The unit includes a DC motor with tacho, two sliding block guides and central sphere screw. It can be mounted to provide a bi-axis system. Available in a standard length of 220mm., loading capacity is 70kg at 400mm from the cursor, other loading capacities on demand.