OM-5 Weld Check Oxygen Monitor

This Weld Check Oxygen Monitor is designed specifically for the weld industry where the monitoring of purge gasses is important.  Oxygen analyser for welding.

It is a microprocessor –  controlled, battery powered portable oxygen monitoring device.  This acts as a perfect Weld Checker.  Oxygen purge meter for welding.

It is highly robust and is designed to be used in an industrial environment.  The monitor facilitates continuous measurement of the oxygen content of the back-shield gasses during the entire purging and welding process.  Oxidation of the weld root can thus be prevented.


  • Simple automatic re-calibration for oxygen cell drift
  • Resolution – 0.01%
  • Accuracy +/- 1% F.S
  • Hand bulb pump with sampling tubes and stainless steel capillary
  • Two off AA batteries
  • Two year oxygen cell life typical
  • Simple and economical oxygen cell replacement
  • Robust carrying case with moulded inserts and accessories pouch

For PPM measurements see OM10 Oxygen Analyser for weld gas.

Functional Data


  • Electrolytic, partial pressure type
  • Working life – 2 year typical


  • 2 off AA cells
  • low cost
  • Duration 2000 hours

Measuring Range

  • 0.05-25% Oxygen in Argon, Helium, Argon/Hydrogen mixes, etc.

Response Time

  • Less than 20 seconds to 0.05%

Physical data

  • Dimensions: 148mm Χ 80mm Χ 45mm
    Weight: 600gms

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