PLS-24 Automatic Welding System with Auto Eject

The Weldlogic PLS-24 Automatic Precision Longitudinal Seam Welder blends our standard P.L.S. products together with advanced Micro Processor Controls and Mechanisation.

pls-24 autoeject

This highly engineered product was specifically designed for companies requiring high volume seam welding with a minimum of operator effort and time.

The PLS – Automatics accommodate 2” – 24” diameters and lengths up to 60”. We select the best weld process for the application based on requirements and budget.Tube I.D. /O.D. Tooling is generally designed specific to the application requirements.

Weldlogic’s leadership in the field of Manufacturing Precision seam welders make us an ideal partner to engineering a system to meet your specific weld quality and production goals.

  • High Volume Production
  • Micro Processor Controlled
  • Tig • Plasma • Laser • Mig
  • Automatic Material Positioning
  • Automatic Welding
  • Automatic Tube Ejection
  • Minimum Skill Operator
  • Quick Return on Investment
  • Quick Change Over