PLS-60 Automatic Welding System

The PLS-60 Precision Longitudinal Seam Welder uses automatic material handling and fixturing mechanisms to produce high quality Automatic Seam Welds with TIG, Plasma, MIG or Laser at production rates of 90 -120 parts per hour.

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The PLS-60 Automatic features:
• Axially compress the tube
• Align the seam
• Radially compress the tube edges together
• Index the torch down
• Automatically weld the seam
• Release and eject the part

In addition, the travel carriage can be fitted with two torches to double the throughput. The torch carriage welds in both directions to improve production rates.
See the system in operation, request a copy of of the demonstration video on DVD.

Contact us about a free evaluation of your seam welding application and in most cases free sample welds made on your material.


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