Power Supply Features
•Unlimited Program Storage •Internal / External Gas Controls •Repeatability +/- 1% or better •Tig / Plasma selectable •Quick change over time

Seamer Features
•High Precision Carriage •Auto Seam Alignment •High Accuracy Material Clamping •All Welded Construction •Easy to Operate

•60” Longitudinal Tig Welds of 11 gauge 6-4 titanium to create a 4 foot x 5 foot tubular assembly

•Military helicopter

•Full length, full penetration, no oxidation on ID / OD.
•X-ray clear welds for post weld spin forming.

PLS-60 Precision Longitudinal Seamer – AWS-300 Advanced Welding System

The Weldlogic AWS-300 Computer Controlled Power Supply integrates directly with the Weldlogic PLS-60 Precision Longitudinal Seam Welder with Programmable Weld Current, Arc Voltage Control, Wire Feed and Travel Speed. High Quality seam welds are made using a low skill operator.


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