• AC Servo Carriage Drive Motor
  • Reversible Copper Fingers
  • Copper Back up bar with Gas Purge capabilities
  • Air Actuated retractable Edge Squaring Device
  • Foot Pedal Finger Clamping Actuation - Independent left and right actuation
  • 8” Square Torch Mount with Cross Seam Adjustment and Automatic Pneumatic Torch Retract
  • Carriage mounted Microprocessor Controller
  • Precision Ball Bearing Linear track for smooth travel
  • Fully Welded Fabrication
  • Split Base Foundation - Allowing Owner to add Riser blocks to accommodate larger diameters
  • Mandrel end latch safety switch
  • Mandrel Vertical adjustment for various thicknesses
  • Weld Process Development & Support

PLS-72 Automatic Welding System

Weldlogic PLS Weld Seamers are designed for straight line welding of all weldable metals in thicknesses from .005” to 1/2” and lengths up to 15 feet.

The precision components and standard features of the PLS seamers provide a highly engineered complete platform for longitudinal welding. Optional features and available programmable welding controls provide unmatched capability for automating the welding process.

Contact our engineers to receive free weld process evaluation and sample welds.



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