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AWS-200A/400A 6100 Welding Systems

To achieve maximum welding rate and minimal labor cost, 6100 Automatic Welding Systems integrate a combination of standard Weldlogic products to provide a complete package. Specifically designed for precision automatic welding, 6100 systems allow circumferential, longitudinal and spot welds to be easily made with a minimum of operator skill. All components are fully intergrated to create a complete “ready-to-go” automatic welding station.

These computer controlled systems offer precision welding with advanced levels of weld process control and automation. The AWS – 150/300 offers options of weld current, weld speed, arc distance control and wire feed. This system synchronises all welding functions from a single enclosure.

Vertical (shown):

• Features a AWS 200A/400A Power Supplies
• 0.1-300 ampers weld current (TIG/PLASMA)
• Arc gap set & Arc Distance Control
• ARC Start “exclusive low noise” soft starting
• Multiple current levels, pulsing & sloping
• Wire feed controls
• Arc oscillation
• Shield gas & back up gas controlled


• 0.1-60 rpm speed range “standard”
• Horizontal/Vertical capability
• Air actuated Torch & Tail stock
• Exclusive bed design for precision & easy access for automation
• Manual/Automatic linear torch movement
• Many variations & options available
• Designed for years of trouble free high production welding

Safety Features:

• E-stop protection
• Dual palm start anti-tie down (option)
• U.V. automatic arc shielding (option)
• Stub out mode protection
• Set-up mode “no arc sequencing”
• Sonar alert prior to arc start

Automation Options:

• Auto part feeder
• Auto part ejection
• Air actuated chuck/5-c
• Dual torches
• Vision system
• Laser tracking
• 3 axis motion control
• Custom designed tooling

Facility Requirements for Weldlogic 6100 System:

• Electrical: 50/60 hz – 115/230 VAC – 7 Amps
• Shop Air: Filtered, 90 psi
• Weld Gas: Regulated, 35 psi
• Workstation Footprint (wxdxh)
60in (152.4 cm) x 30in (76.2cm) x 64in (162.6cm)