PWL-15-36 Precision Welding Lathe with Laser Seam Tracker

This PWL-15-36 Precision Welding Lathe was manufactured to provide Circumferential Precision welding of pressure vessels of 316 S.S. in diameters up to 15” and lengths up to 36”.  The Weldlogic lathe includes a Laser Seam Tracker to automatically track the lap & butt weld joints.


The Weldlogic PWL-15-36 lathe included the following standard additions:
• Laser Seam Tracker (lap and butt joint tracking)
• Air Actuated 5-C for rapid tool change
• Live center tail stock with Gas Purge
• 2 Axis of Joy stick Torch Positioning
• Horizontal and Verticle operation
• Retractable Torch / Tail stock – Air Actuated
• 3 Axis of Laser Tracking Adjustment

Automatic welding of 304 / 316 S.S. Pressure Vessels

Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Sanitary & Aircraft

X-Ray clear, Low distortion, Full penetration
Operator-free operation


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