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AWS-300 / 6100 System with Automatic Laser Seam Tracking

This AWS-300 / 6100 Advanced Welding System was manufactured to provide a fully Automatic Circumferential welding cell. The part purge time and multipass weld time could run up to 10 minutes per part. The customer required minimal labor content and 100% yield.

Weldlogic Engineers provided a fully integrated AWS-300 with quick purge and a Laser Seam Tracker to insure precise torch positioning over the weld seam and enable the operator to perform other tasks during the entire welding operation.

The Weldlogic System components:
• AWS-300 Advanced Welding System
• Arc Voltage Control
• PWL-15-36 Precision Welding Lathe
• Laser Seam Tracker / Monitor
• 2 Axis of Joy Stick Torch Positioning
• Live Center tail stock with Gas Purge
• Retractable Torch / Tail Stock – Air Actuated
• 3 Axis of Laser Tracking Adjustment
• Horizontal / Verticle Lathe Positioning

Application: 304 / 316 S.S. Pressure Vessel Welding

Industry: Pharmaceutical, Bio Tech, Semi-Conductor

Requirements: X-Ray clear, Low distortion, Full penetration, Operator free operation