Dual Spindle Rotary / Linear TIG Welding Station

Presure Vessels and Specialty Seam Welds

Design a system multi-purpose to weld presure vessels with wire feed and linear seam welding all in one automatic system

Weldlogic AWS-150 Computer Controlled Power Supply and PWL-24-48 Precision Welding Lathe with dual spindles for holding the presure vessel halves in the tooling and motorized the torch in a linear direction for seam welding .

Equipment selected:

• AWS-150 Advanced Welding System 1.0-150 ampere power supply
• Arc Distance Control
• PWL – 24- 48 Positioner
• Cold Wire Feeder
• Precision Motor Drive with Encoder Feedback
• TIG Torches
• 2 – 3 Jaw Chucks
• Work Station Table with Steel Table Top
• Sequencing Software for Linear /rotary Welding
• Arc shielding


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