PA-10/100 STD 6100 System

The combination controls of the PA 10-100 power supply, automatic precision tungsten to work gap setting of the EG-4 Electro gauge and rotary positioning of the PWL welding lathe create a Precision, Repeatable, Low Skill level welding station for production based welding applications.


One area commonly overlooked in microarc welding is arc length. Weldlogic’s “Electro-Gauge” system consists of a precision Z axis stepper motor driven slide and microprocessor electronic control.

The Electro-Gauge automatically lowers the welding torch to the work surface and stops when the electrode is in contact with the weldment. After stopping above the work surface, the stepper drive increments the torch up the distance dialed into the control in thousandths of an inch, accurate to .0005” and then holds the torch in the position during the weld sequence. At the end of the weld sequence the torch automatically moves up to clear the weld area. Maximum up stroke is 3” standard, 6” on special orders.

The accurate and repeatable arc length of the Electro-Gauge eliminates weld penetration and heat input variations caused by inaccurate manual tungsten adjustment.


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