• Pivoting front support arm with interlock facilitates placement of the component
  • Adjustable clamping fingers available in solid or segmented configurations
  • Servo-controlled linear motion of torch carriage using precision ball shaft
  • Adjustable end of travel limit switches and home position switch
  • Dual independent pneumatic clamping arms
  • Adjustable clamping pressures for each arm
  • Interchangeable back purge distribution bars
  • Fine traverse torch position adjustment
  • Foot pedal clamp and release controls
  • Interchangeable backing mandrels

UPS Series Ultra-Precision Bench Top Seam Welders


The rugged construction of the UPS Series seamers provides an ultra stable platform for precision seam welding of materials as thin as 0.003” (0.076mm) and as thick as 0.045” (1.143 mm). All standard & optional features of the Weldlogic AWS series automatic power supplies can be used in conjunction with the UPS Series seamers, such as Micro-TIG, Plasma modes, or YAG Laser depending on the specific welding application. The UPS Series can be adapted to other brands of advanced power supplies.



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