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Sub-Contract Welding

Many of our customers, even though they have their own welding equipment, need extra capacity at a minutes notice. Purchasing new equipment for such occasions is not cost effective so Weldlogic Europe provides a sub-contract welding facility.

Using the latest welding equipment and techniques Weldlogic Europe now offer competitive prices and fast turnaround for sub-contract welding of critical components.

Large and small batch sizes can be accommodated with detailed advice given in joint design and process evaluation. If a potential customer is contemplating a new precision welding process and is not sure of the implications that it would have on the business, then Weldlogic Europe would be pleased to weld development batch quantities to establish the correct process and procedures, without the expense of purchasing a machine.

Our free initial consultation takes the worry out of welding especially when new products are been designed and introduced to the market place.

Call the experts at Weldlogic Europe Ltd for advice on your metal joining needs. Send drawings and some sample parts for a no charge application evaluation.

(Some charges may be necessary for special tooling and machining.)


TIG Welding – Cold Weather Military Canteen

canteensShortly after the September 11th tragedy, our sub-contract division was contracted to produce the military’s first stainless steel sanitary cold weather canteen. Our dedicated staff worked 7 days a week, 2 shifts a day to produce 5000+ ‘neck to lid’ assemblies and ‘lid to deep drawn’ can assemblies.

The ‘neck to lid’ weld was made with our Automatic Weld Lathe (AWS-6100 System). The ‘lid to deep drawn’ can weld was made on our Computer Controlled Multi Axis Weld System.


Plasma Welding – Automotive Sensors

plasma_autosens_smallThis high volume sub-contract welding job combined 3 different alloys joined together to create a hermetically sealed sensor component for the automotive industry. 2 Plasma welds are made automatically followed by a helium leak test. The materials are Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel and Inconel.

The Plasma welds were made with a Automatic Welding Lathe System (AWS-6100 System).


Laser Welding – Solenoid Valves

solenoid_valveThis high volume sub-contract welding job required a High Quality – Low Cost hermetic seal.
Weldlogic met the challenge with an Automated Laser welding system.

The welds are helium leak checked & selectively pressure checked as per the specification. Welds are produced with high power pulsed YAG and a precision welding lathe for precise positioning & rotation.

Laser Welding – Medical Endoscopes

endoscopes1This precision sub-contract welding job required a total of 3 Low Distortion, Low Heat Input hermetic seal welds per assembly.