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Weld Backing Tape

A simple alternative to back purging, Weldlogic’s Weld Backing Tape can offer huge benefits by simply applying a strip of self adhesive welding tape to the back of the weld.

Whether the quality of the finished product is dictated by weld integrity or just cosmetic appearance, Weldlogic’s Weld Backing Tape can offer huge benefits:

  • Less back purging
  • Less post weld dressing
  • Less fettling
  • Smoother flatter welds
  • One sided welding

All these can be minimised or actually eliminated by simply applying a strip of self-adhesive Welding Tape to the back of the Weld.  This is not a gimmick; this product has been available for decades and companies that use it, do so again and again.

Applications include large diameter pipes and tanks, where it is not practical or too expensive to back purge with gas.  This simple backing tape dramatically reduces the time and aggravation involved in welding these products.

The tape comes in 2 standard sizes of 50mm (up to 100 Amps) and 100mm (up to 200 Amps) wide in roll lengths of 12.5m.  A glass fibre weave down the centre of the tape is placed directly under the weld.