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A new Automated Welding System installation in Wroclaw Poland.

The customer, who manufacture a complete range of Pressure Sensors, contacted Weldlogic Europe Ltd  for a solution to weld his range of products fully automatically. His products, which were traditionally welded manually by a skilled manual welders were time consuming and costly to make.


Weldlogic Europe Ltd developed and qualified a number of specific weld procedures for the complete range of products which has resulted in significant cost savings and vastly improved weld quality.

The company invested in the latest fully automatic AWS 6100 welding station ,each product was given a dedicated programme number, which is simply downloaded to the machine by an unskilled operator and the welding carried out fully automatically.

Significant cost savings were achieved by not having the need for a fully skilled welder, his skills have now been redeployed in areas where an automatic machine cannot be utilised.

The introduction of the automatic welding machine has dramatically improved weld quality at reduced costs and enabled the customer to streamline the business in a more efficient way. 


Find out more about the Weldlogic AWS-6100 Mk II Automated Lathe Welding Station.


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