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Fully automatic Seam Welder for the manufacture of Laboratory Test Sieves

Weldlogic Europe Ltd have recently installed a fully automatic Seam Welder for the manufacture of Laboratory Test Sieves.

The Test Sieves manufactured in Stainless Steel and Titanium in material thicknesses from 0.4 mm – 2.0mm required a fully penetrated weld that needs to be flat on both the inside and outside.

Using our PLS24 inch precision seamer and AWS 200 power supply Weldlogic Europe Ltd were able to meet the exacting requirements of the customer,

Fundamental to the successfulness of this project was the ability to control the size of the Heat Affected Zone (HAZ) and this was done by using balanced synchronised parameters with careful consideration given to the design and shape of the support backing bar mandrel.

The customer using conventional manual welding techniques made significant cost savings and dramatically improved the quality of the weld.


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