High Pressure Steam Trap Valves – Application News

arc_6100_horzWeldlogic Europe Ltd have just completed a consultancy and development study for the welding of high pressure steam trap valves.

The company was engaged to develop and qualify a number of critical welds.

The development and qualification study was carried out on a Weldlogic AWS  6100 automatic welding station (see brochure) with Radiograph , and Macro sections being used to establish initial weld criteria and final welding parameters.

A number of critical welds were qualified is this way to the standard laid down by the customer and a final set of weld procedure qualifications were approved for production.


The qualification took about three weeks to complete , with the customer commenting on the professionalism and the quality of the work carried out by Weldlogic Europe Ltd with further consultancy /development planned for the future.

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