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Sub Sea High Pressure Coupler – Application News

arc_6100With the ever increasing demand for exceptional weld quality within the Sub Sea Industry , Weldlogic Europe Ltd were engaged to develop a set of qualified weld procedures to ASME1X REF/A3, EN15609 standards.

The materials being used, in various combinations were Nitronic 50, Stainless 316, Inconel 625 and Super Duplex.

Using the Weldlogic AWS-6100 automatic welding station (See brochure) development trials were done to establish weld criteria and to establish a final set of welding parameters for all material combinations. Significant weld time was spent evaluating various filler wires for various combinations of materials, as it was found within the Macro sections and hardness testing, that filler wire selection proved to be a critical part of the final weld process.

Fundamentally the successfulness of this project was the ability to control the size of the Heat Affected Zone (HAZ) and this was done by using the Weldlogic AWS-200 multi-level power supply that enables the Welding Engineer to carefully refine and adjust all welding parameters at any point during the weld.

A number of qualified weld schedules were produced that are now in production, and once again the Weldlogic AWS-6100 automatic welding station has proved to be the right choice for this difficult and challenging application.

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