• Close Loop Servo Control of Weld Current, Travel Speed, Arc Distance Control & Wire Feed
  • Internal memory holds up to 60 multi-level multi function weld schedules key switch protected
  • Synchronized current, voltage, travel and wire if desired
  • Torch and back up gas flow meters, valves and gas fault sensors
  • Programmable operator overrides 0 - 100%
  • Minimal operator skill required
  • Manually selected or automated multi pass capability
  • Detects and indicates faults, i.e., gas flow temperature, voltage, etc.
  • Very operator friendly remote control & weld program selector
  • Programmable high frequency protected optically isolated I/O 8 inputs & 8 outputs
  • Remote pendant has expansion for 11 additional special feature buttons


Computer Controlled G.T.A. Welding System “Fully Integrated” for Automatic Welding

The AWS-200 Advanced Welding System is a micro processor based system designed and built to provide a high quality, economically priced, very accurate and repeatable total welding system.

This precision D.C. power supply allows options for a travel rate servo, arc distance control and wire feed servo all in one rugged modular enclosure.

The AWS-200 is a highly refined field proven product. Its software base and hardware are the end result of 20+ years of designing and manufacturing precision automatic computer controlled G.T.A. welding systems.


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