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Welding Vision Systems

These days manufacturers are continually asked to improve the quality of their components and produce them faster and most importantly cheaper. This has forced
manufacturers to look closely into their current manufacturing process.

Many of our customers realised that during set up and welding of their components, a significant amount of time was wasted positioning the Tungsten Electrode over the joint line prior to welding. In many cases such as critical components, this alignment has to be extremely accurate.

By listening to our customers, Weldlogic Europe Ltd developed a simple Vision System that enables the operator to accurately position the Tungsten Electrode over the joint line and if required view the welding sequence.

Feedback from existing customers who have fitted the vision system has been extremely positive. They have reduced the set up time considerably and noticed a reduction in the number of scrapped components and re-welds, which ultimately has reduced their manufacturing costs.

A more advanced Vision System is also available which provides on line tracking and positioning of the Tungsten Electrode.

For a free onsite evaluation to see if your company would benefit from having the simple Vision System fitted please call our office to arrange a convenient time.