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• Top And Bottom Rolls Driven by Hydraulic
Motor / Planetary Transmission • Hydraulic Roll Positioning System
(optional Siemens PLC) on Form Rolls • Hydraulic Drop End• Remote Control Pedestal
• Variable Speed Adjustment of Form Rolls
• Spherical Roller Bearings On All Rolls
• Electrical Disconnect
• Welded Steel Construction
• 1040/1045 Solid Steel Rolls
• Safety Cut-off Switch
• Enclosed Drive
• Form Roll Position Indicators
• Pinch Force Overload Protection

Weldlogic 4-Roll C.N.C. with
Specialized Top Roll Beam Support


Application requirements to form 3/8” thick plate into a 3.5” radius over a length of up to 50” in both S.S. and Carbon Steel. To enable this forming requirement on such thick materials a small diameter top roll of no more than 4.75” was required. The top roll diameter of 4.75” would deflect over such a long length 50” and required Engineering to design a top roll support beam to eliminate any deflection. With hardened surfaces and a heavy duty top roll support beam and cam bearings it is now possible to form such a small diameter on a thick wall plate over the length of 50”. This application had many sizes, thicknesses and lengths to consider in the machine design. We also make this top beam removable to enable the manufacture to roll rounds as well as ½ rounds. A second top roll was also provided with quick change ability to allow maximum roll forming flexibility for the future.