PLS-96 Automatic Welding System

Weldlogic PLS Weld Seamers are designed for straight line welding of all weldable metals in thicknesses from .005” to 1/2” and lengths up to 15 feet.

The precision components and standard features of the PLS seamers provide a highly engineered complete platform for longitudinal welding. Optional features and available programmable welding controls provide unmatched capability for automating the welding process.

• Electric motor cases
• Filter elements
• Automotive exhaust
• Nuclear vessels
• Vacuum components
• Cryogenic vessels
• Water tanks
• Aircraft components
• Coring drills
• Flexible metal hose

Thickness capacity: 0.005” – 1/2”
Maximum diameter: 42”
Torch parallelism: ± .003”
Speed ranges: 1.5 to 60 IPM/3.0 to 120 IPM
Speed holding accuracy: ± 0.1%
Input requirements: 110/220 V 1-ph, 50/60 Hz
Compressed air: 80 psi

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